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Re: SENDMAIL and mail500 delivery agent

Gathering from your speedy reply I first need to compile mail500??!!
But.... I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COMPILE mail500 and get it
running!!!!!  Let me know please!

I regret to say  I do not understand  what you mean by "Postfix ......"
. What is Postfix??


At 11:05 99/11/04 +0000, you wrote:
> > Does anyone know if I need to recompile Sendmail to be able to
> > use the mail500 delivery agent?
> If you have mail500 compiled and working, it will just require
> a change to the mailer definition in sendmail.cf.
> As there have been a few recent posts to this list about 
> Sendmail, it might be worth mentioning that Postfix is simple 
> to build with LDAP support (following the LDAP_README file
> in its distribution) and it works very nicely.