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Re: OpenLDAP client binaries and sendmail RESULTS!!!

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Kristina wrote:

> A big thankyou to David and Mark for their help!  I managed to recompile
> Sendmail.8.9.3 and I'm here to give my results:

Cool.  Now, you need to rebuild your sendmail.cf to actually *do* something
with the LDAP map...

> Nov  4 17:04:06 ldaptest sendmail[15607]: [ID 801593 FACILITY_AND_PRIORITY]
> NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): hash map "Alias0": missing map file
> /etc/mail/aliases.db: No such file or directory
> I have never got this error before when compiling sendmaill, so I beleive
> it may be due to the BerkeleyDB or LDAP!!!!!!!

It's to do with Berkeley DB - it means that you were never using Berkeley DB
before, but by adding it into Sendmail (along with LDAP) you've now made
Berkeley DB your default database format.

When Sendmail fired up, it looked for the aliases database file in the default
format, and didn't find it (the format for your aliases database was probably
NDBM or GDBM).  By running "newaliases", you rebuilt the aliases database in
the new default format (now, Berkeley DB) - thus fixing the problem.

> *********The end.......but what do I DO FROM HERE!!!! mail500 or
> PAM!!!!!!*********

Well, if you want to use "mail500" then there was no point compiling LDAP
support into Sendmail in the first place!  See the mail500(8) man page
included in the OpenLDAP package for documentation about using "mail500"
(which, I can almost guarantee, is going to cause you some form of confusion
and/or grief).

What exactly are you trying to achieve?  Perhaps if you indicate the ultmate
aim of this exercise the list will be able to suggest an appropriate course of
action (for example, perhaps you can take advantage of the now built-into
Sendmail LDAP map support, and ignore mail500 completely).

As for PAM, that's an entirely different problem (PAM is neither email nor
Sendmail related).