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sooo frustrating

i've playing with openldap 1.2.7 all day. In a nutshell my problem is
that I can't find a way to "Add initial entries to your directory"

I'm following the instructions in the Quick start guide with no success.
I've tried with the default install on redhat 6.1, same install on
redhat 6.0, and a clean build from source(without threads) on redhat
6.0. I keep getting one of two errors:

ldap_bind: Invalid credentials
ldap_bind: No such object

my searches of the web site and mailing lists provides very little
assistance. I've narrowed it down to inconsistencies between the
/usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf file and the ldapadd & myldif.ldif
combo you use to create the first user account.

I've created my own simple config files, and mangled them to death over
and over. Then I tried just using the default config files and tyring to
make thm work. I'm obviously missing something. Is there a newer quick
start guide I should follow? Worst case, can somebody send me a copy of
explicit instructions for getting this to work, including config files,
just so I can see it working, and maybe I can find out what I 've been
doing wrong.