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Re: sooo frustrating

At 04:10 AM 11/3/99 -0500, Earl Robinson wrote:
>ldap_bind: Invalid credentials
>ldap_bind: No such object
>my searches of the web site and mailing lists provides very little
>assistance. I've narrowed it down to inconsistencies between the
>/usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf file and the ldapadd & myldif.ldif
>combo you use to create the first user account.

Since it's ldap_bind that's complaining, you can eliminate myldif.ldif
as the cause.  It's likely that the rootdn is not within the subtree
defined by database suffix or that you are not using the rootdn with
ldapadd (-b option) or you are not connecting to the server you think
you are connecting to (use -h).  If the inconsistency is not evident
to you, I would suggest enabling logging and examining it's output
to obtain more detail as to the problem.  Or you might post details
(slapd.conf, exact ldapadd command enterred, it's output, and relevant
sections of the log).

>I've created my own simple config files, and mangled them to death over
>and over. Then I tried just using the default config files and tyring to
>make thm work. I'm obviously missing something. Is there a newer quick
>start guide I should follow?

The latest OpenLDAP Quick Start Guide is available on the website.

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