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Solaris 2.6 - openldap package ?

Hi !
You may read this "shame on me, I'm a poor installer" story,   :-)
or provide an URL with a full openldap package for SparcSolaris2.6
I have (successfully) installed a Linux OpenLdap RPM pacakage.
I recently tried to install the last stable openldap release on my Solaris 2.6 SparcServer 5.
After downloading it,
"oohh, of course, I need to compile it, let's get GCC"
"Ok, gcc is installed, let's go again"
"Mmmhhe troubles with threads or stuff"
"Accordind to the FAQ, I successly change an argument"
"What !!! I don't a a DB ??? He does'nt want to use my Oracle RDBMS ??"
"Ok... let's get sleepycat...."
"Well, what about finding a full package with the DB and all that ???"
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