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LDAP¨tree structure

Hi !
I recently installed openldap-1.2.3.rpm on my Linux box. It runs smoothly.
Let's be honest, I had quite a lot of troubles no initialize my LDBM database.
I uploaded my companies e-mail list.
My concern now is to have a powerful tool. I don't only want to enter
"smi" and receive the associated e-mails.
I'd like to enter other criterias in order to group people. (like: "this_project", "sales", etc)
How should I do that ?
Use of OrganisationalUnit seems poor.
Should I put lots of "cn" for each DN (cn=smith, cn=this_project, cn=sales, etc.)
I know it's not _really_ an openldap_software question, but you all seem to have
good experience in this area (and I also have real software questions.. :-).
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