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Re: Perl Support?

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Jim McConnell wrote:

> Can I use Netscape's PerLDAP with OpenLDAP?  If not, what can I use in it's
> place?  I see several modules on CPAN, but don't know where to begin.

No. You can use Net::LDAPapi, but it is has a strange mix of procedural and
OO syntax in places. The author has dropped support in favor of PerLDAP,
which doesn't work with OpenLDAP.

I like Net::LDAP, which IMO has a better interface than PerLDAP anyway.
Since it's 100% Pure Perl, you can run scripts unmodified on any platform
including NT.

Net::LDAP comes with minimal documentation that assumes you have a thorough
understanding of perl OO constructs (perldoc perltoot for an intro). I
started out with Net::LDAPapi because Net::LDAP scared me, but I've since
run into problems that only the latter can solve.

It's really Neat to be able to read and write LDIF with the same OO
interface you use to talk to an LDAP server.
Rich Graves <rcgraves@brandeis.edu>
UNet Systems Administrator