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Re: Perl Support?

Rich Graves wrote:
> No. You can use Net::LDAPapi, but it is has a strange mix of procedural and
> OO syntax in places. The author has dropped support in favor of PerLDAP,
> which doesn't work with OpenLDAP.

I originally sent my reply directly to Jim McConnell but in view of the above
I'm copying it to the list as well -

> Jim McConnell wrote:
> > Can I use Netscape's PerLDAP with OpenLDAP?  If not, what can I use in it's
> > place?  I see several modules on CPAN, but don't know where to begin.
> Jim,
>         I been experimenting with both over the past few weeks and can
> say that I haven't encountered any problems with them working together.
> I've used PerLDAP on Solaris to add/delete/modify entries in an OpenLDAP
> directory on Irix and PerLDAP on Windows 98 to update OpenLDAP on Linux.
> Alan Cox
> IT Core Group
> Natural Environment Research Council