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Re: Perl Support?

You can use the Net::LDAPapi module, and most probably the Net::LDAP
module. I've used the former several times on different 1.2 versions
of OpenLDAP but haven't had a chance to use the latter. Net::LDAP is a
pure-Perl solution, so it doesn't require linking to OpenLDAP
libraries and can in theory talk to any LDAP server. But like I said,
I haven't tried it yet.

* Jim McConnell (jkm@tbred.com) [991027 11:55]:
> This may be a bit off topic, but..
> Can I use Netscape's PerLDAP with OpenLDAP?  If not, what can I use in it's
> place?  I see several modules on CPAN, but don't know where to begin.
> Thanks!
> Jim McConnell
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