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Re: --with-threads=pth

At 08:37 AM 10/25/99 -0700, Brett G. Lemoine wrote:
>After reading through the faq and hints, I _thought_ I understood that
>Gnu's pth package was among those recommended for use, however that option
>doesn't appear to be supported in 1.2.7.

Gnu Pth's pthread emulation (--enable-pthread) is supported.  That
is, requirements for OpenLDAP's --with-threads[=pthreads] can be
fullfilled by the pthread emulation provided by Gnu Pth.  It's my
understanding that on some systems, Gnu Pth (and other 3rd party
pthread providers) is not able to provide this emulation due to
conflicts with system headers.

>Is this an oversite, has no one
>gotten around to adding pth support.

We have native support for GNU Pth implemented in devel.  This
has yet be ported to 1.2.

> or is pth something that really isn't recommended?

It's recommended on those systems where GNU Pth can provide
working Pthread emulation.


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