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Re: --with-threads=pth

> At 08:37 AM 10/25/99 -0700, Brett G. Lemoine wrote:
> >
> >After reading through the faq and hints, I _thought_ I understood that
> >Gnu's pth package was among those recommended for use, however that option
> >doesn't appear to be supported in 1.2.7.
> Gnu Pth's pthread emulation (--enable-pthread) is supported.  That
> is, requirements for OpenLDAP's --with-threads[=pthreads] can be
> fullfilled by the pthread emulation provided by Gnu Pth.  It's my
> understanding that on some systems, Gnu Pth (and other 3rd party
> pthread providers) is not able to provide this emulation due to
> conflicts with system headers.
> >Is this an oversite, has no one
> >gotten around to adding pth support.
> We have native support for GNU Pth implemented in devel.  This
> has yet be ported to 1.2.

So, without some serious mucking about, I'm not going to be able
to use Pth in 1.2.7 on a solaris box?

> > or is pth something that really isn't recommended?
> It's recommended on those systems where GNU Pth can provide
> working Pthread emulation.

Is solaris known to be such a system?

What I'm hoping for is diffs/config options that'll get me started on
compiling openldap 1.2.7 with GNU's Pth.

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