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Re: ldapadd: hopelessly slow loading due to high disk iowait


Thanks for your prompt response!   I am going to try dbcachenowsync.  
I did find a way for loading the one million records with speed 100x
faster:  that is, using /tmp as database dir.  Since Solaris makes
/tmp memory-mapped, it is much faster than a disk-based write.  I can
move the database from /tmp to its final drive after completely
loaded.   The only problem is that /tmp usually has limited size.

Thanks again.

- kelley

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> At 09:52 AM 9/28/99 -0400, Kelley Hu wrote:
> >I wonder if this is a openldap bug, or perhaps a bug in GDBM?
> Neither.  The is behaving as designed.  It's commiting in
> memory changes to disk for data safety reasons.  You can
> disable using dbcachenowsync (I suggest only during DB
> construction).
> There are also a number of tricks of the trade you can
> locate by searching archives of this list and the FAQ.

 Kelley Hu
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 Bethesda, MD
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