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dn components

I posted this to the wrong list first. Duly chastised, I humbly submit it
here in the hope that you can help...

Thank you...

Leslie Dreyer Kalra

>I'm looking at the possibility of using OpenLDAP to replace an old version
>of Netscape Directory Server for a client. I'm trying to load entries from
>an LDIF file that works for them with the Netscape server, but I can't get
>it to accept a dn with a uid component. RFC 1779 mentions specific
>attributes that can be part of a dn, and uid isn't one of them. RFC 2253
>does mention uid as a possibility, though.
>At any rate, ldapadd stops adding entries when it finds one of these dn's
>with the uid component. If I remove that, it works fine. Yet these same
>dn's work fine in Netscape's server. I must have misconfigured something,
>but I don't know what. My slapd.conf file is basically the default one
>with the suffix, directory and rootdn values customized.
>I'm using the same command with v1.2.6 and v2.0alpha2 and getting the
>same error:
>ldap_add: No such object
>ldap_add: matched: OU=PEOPLE,O=UPENN.EDU
>The errno is 32.
>Here's the command I'm using:
>ldapadd -w secret -D"cn=root,o=upenn.edu" -f ldif_file
>I don't see anything in the ldapadd man page to help me, but I got
>this to work once before. What am I missing?
>Thanks for any help, and sorry if this one's obvious. 
>Leslie Dreyer Kalra	
>Techies, Inc.			Computing and Internet
>lbd@techiesinc.com		    Consultant