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Re: ldaprc format

At 12:59 AM 9/4/99 -0500, Amy Tebbe wrote:
>Where can I find information on .ldaprc?  I'm looking for format
>and under what conditions it should be used.

See ldap.conf(5) from the OpenLDAP distribution (as opposed to
application specific ldap.conf files).  .ldaprc settings override
ldap.conf settings.  The .ldaprc format is identical to that of

>I've tried using the same format as the ldap.conf and set my environment
>variable LDAPRC, but I don't think it's working properly. (I'm running
>the ldap clients from a RH 6.0 box.)
>I thought I would be able to put my personal binddn and bindpw in
>it, so ldap clients like ldapmodify would use them.  Should this

No.  ldap.conf(5) doesn't support binddn/bindpw.