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Re:ldap_search_s under windows?

I have checked my logs and found surprisely that the server is searching
attribute userCertificate,not usercertificate;binary. Below is part of the logs:
=> access_allowed: entry (CN=TongRA,OU=soft,O=TongTech,L=CD,ST=SC,C=CN) attr (usercertificate)

=> acl_get: entry (CN=TongRA,OU=soft,O=TongTech,L=CD,ST=SC,C=CN) attr (usercertificate)
<= acl_get: no match

=> acl_access_allowed: search access to entry "CN=TongRA,OU=soft,O=TongTech,L=CD,ST=SC,C=CN"

=> acl_access_allowed: search access to value "any" by ""
<= acl_access_allowed: granted by default (no matching to)

=> access_allowed: exit (CN=TongRA,OU=soft,O=TongTech,L=CD,ST=SC,C=CN) attr (usercertificate)
====> cache_return_entry_r
I guess that the LDAP client can't recognize ";" under windows. I have tried
"usercertificate\;binary" ,but the result is same . How to solve the problem?
Is there any quoting mechanism for filter? I read rfc1779,
it has quoting and escape mechanism for dn which
has not much help for me.

Thanks for your help.
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