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Re:ldap_search_s under windows?

At 10:16 AM 9/1/99 +0800, cellecial@21cn.com wrote:
>I guess that the LDAP client can't recognize ";" under windows. I have tried
>"usercertificate\;binary" ,but the result is same . How to solve the problem?

Use a different SDK.

>Is there any quoting mechanism for filter?  I read rfc1779,
>it has quoting and escape mechanism for dn which
>has not much help for me.

RFC1960 only specifies necessary escaping of * ( ) in values
using a '\'.

Note that LDAPv2 does not have support attribute options.
An RFC1777 attribute value assertion comprises of an attribute
type (OID or name) and value.  An LDAPv3 (RFC2251) assertion
comprises of an attribute description and value in LDAPv3.  A
attribute description is an attribute type with zero or more

Many LDAPv2 servers, however, treat an attribute description
as an attribute type.  However, this behavior cannot be expected
in general.  Some LDAPv2 servers may return an error, others
may apply LDAPv3-like semantics.  Your mileage may vary.