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root DSE attributes

I'm trying to write a Java client to browse an LDAP directory.  To try to be as
flexible as possible, when it starts up, I try to get the root DSE.  I did the
original testing against a Netscape server and do the JNDI equivalent of

ldapsearch -h thehost -p theport -b "" -s base objectclass=*

and I get back the namingcontexts plus other attributes with no problem.  When
I do the same thing with OpenLDAP, I get back almost nothing (the default ref
and the objectclass).  With OpenLDAP I have to specify an attribute of "+" to
get the information I need.  When I specify "+" to Netscape, I get nothing.  I
can get what I need right now by specifically asking for the namingcontexts
attribute, but it seems like someone isn't doing the right thing with regard to
operational attributes on the root DSE.

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