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Re: crl add?

cellecial@21cn.com wrote:
> I have modified the objectclass certificateAuthority as suggested:
> [..]
> The result shows(by Netscape Addressbook):
> authorityrevocationlist;binary   0? 40??0   *?H?¡Â
> certificaterevocationlist;binary 0?¨¤0??   0   *?H?¡Â
> cacertificate;binary             0? @0? ?       ~0   *?H?¡Â

Well, I would not be very optimistic that Netscape handles the
CA-related attributes above in a correct way. Try reading the single
attribute with an appropriate LDAP-URL (I will try also).

Currently I am providing CRLs for download over HTTP with MIME-type
application/x-pkcs7-crl. You might wanna point your browser to
http://sites.inka.de/ms/python/pyca/ for having a look at my poor man's
CA software based on OpenSSL.

Ciao, Michael.