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Re: root DSE attributes

>I can get what I need right now by specifically asking for the namingcontexts

This is the canonical method for searching for operational attribute types
(from the Root DSE or elsewhere).  That is, you should explicitly request
that the server return them.

ldapsearch -h thehost -p theport -b "" -s base objectclass=* namingContexts

Of course, OpenLDAP 1.x doesn't provide a Root DSE.

At 10:06 AM 8/24/99 -0400, Gary Williams wrote:
>but it seems like someone isn't doing the right thing with regard to
>operational attributes on the root DSE.

The key here is that the client should do the right thing.  If it
does, it should get the right answer.  The LDAPv3 RFCs say clients
should explictly request operational attribute types they like to
be returned.  They should not expect '*' to return them.  They
should not rely on '+' working (it's not a standard-track
mechanism).  We will likely undocument devel's support for it.

NOTE: LDAPv2 does not have the concept of operational attribute

For more details on how OpenLDAP 2.0-alpha/devel handles the
Root DSE, subentries, and operational attributes, please see the
-devel mailing list.