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Re: INSTALL documentation question

At 11:52 AM 8/12/99 -0700, Alan Sparks wrote:
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>From: William L Anderson <band@eng.mc.xerox.com>
>>I've read (or thought I've read) in several notes to this list that
>>the ldapconfig.h.edit file should *not* be edited? Is this true? Does
>>it matter?

In general, you do not need to modify ldapconfig.h.edit.  You
should however review it.  Most items are replaced by automatically
by configure.  However, there are still a few parameters you may
want to tune once you become familiar with OpenLDAP.

>No, you're /supposed/ to edit the .edit file, if needed (to set the default
>base, for

There is no more DEFAULT_BASE to set.  See ldap.conf(5) instead.

>It's the non .edit file you should not edit, as it's regenerated
>from the .edit file.  I think.  :-)

If you change ldapconfig.h and later ldapconfig.h.edit changes
(from a "cvs update" for example), you will lose your changes.
For the average user, I recommend editing the .edit version
(that's why it's named .edit) if and when setting need to be