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Re: Customizing installation

At 06:26 PM 8/12/99 -0500, Jason Bodnar wrote:
>I tried to customize the directories where openldap finds it's conf files, etc
>but had no luck.
>I ran configure like so:
>./configure --prefix=/opt/gnu/depot/openldap-1.2.6
>--sysconfdir=/opt/openldap/etc --localstatedir=/opt/openldap/var
>Then I ran make all; make install.
>The install went fine but when I start slapd it still looks for config files in
>$PREFIX/etc/openldap/etc instead of /opt/openldap/etc. I can fix that by
>running slapd with the appropriate command line option but this also causes
>havoc for the client programs because they can't find slapd.conf for things
>like the base dn.

You can use --without-subdir to disable the "openldap" subdirectory.

As far as you sysconfdir path not getting set correctly, I'd check your
configure input carefully (and config.status to verify the @sysconfdir@
is being set appropriately).