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Re: slapd

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From: RobertG <xyplex@calypso.thisbox.com>
>Ultimately, what I'd like to do is use LDAP for more than just simple
>centralized address book queries, and instead as an MS Exchange Server
>alternative with task lists, public folders, the works.  Is any of this
>possible?  I haven't found much in the way of documentation on this, and
>I'm hoping that someone else may have done it.

LDAP isn't appropriate for doing things like public folders (as Exchange
implements).  You want to team LDAP up with other tools, such as an IMAP
server, to do this.

Don't know what tool handles task lists.  Perhaps a web
calendaring/scheduling application.  Are you targeting a specific client
application for people's desktop (i.e., gotta be MS Outlook), or are you
undecided there?