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Re: ldif2ldbm

Alex Turner wrote:
> Hmm... I looked at that.. and if I use what seems to be sensible
> parameters, I get ldap_search: No such object, which I'm assuming means It
> can't find any objects under the search base I gave it.

Did you add the entries (preferably using ldapadd) you are searching for
to the directory?   The first thing one should do after configuring slapd
is to use ldapadd to add an entry who's DN is the same as the database suffix.
The second thing one should do is to do a search using the database suffix
for a base.  It should return the entry previously added.

You should avoid using ldif2ldbm when adding entries to your directory
(ldif2ldbm is a data recovery tool designed to be used in conjunction with

> What would be the parameters for that command given the example database
> given?

I'm not sure what example you are referring to.  The test suites uses
entries under database suffix of "o=University of Michigan,c=US" and
hence allows for searching under the base "o=University of Michigan,c=US".

> Please forgive me, I'm new to all of this stuff :)

Most everyone is new to LDAP...