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Re: [HELP?] OpenLDAP and Netscape Calendar Server

John- You need to make Netscape Calendar Server think it's talking to
Netscape Directory Server.  I edited the Versionstr string that is defined
in servers/slapd/version.c to begin with "Netscape-Directory/3.1".
Calendar server was much happier after that.  (Maybe OpenLDAP should 
have a config file option like "versionstring" to make this easier
to set - or have a #define option like NS_CALENDAR_HACK).  You'll have to
mess around with access control on the LDAP database.  When I setup
calendar server, I removed all of the access controls and used read/write
privileges as the default.  Once the server was up and running, I began to
tighten things up.  It's still not as tight as I'd like it, but it works.
You'll also need to upload the suitespot3x.ldif file into the LDAP
database - it defines some standard Netscape server groups that appear to
be necessary for the operation of the Calendar Server.


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On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, someone claiming to be John Ray wrote:

> Does anyone have experience configuring OpenLDAP to work w/ Netscape Calendar
> Server? I'm a bit new at this and am having zero success.  I've managed to
> compile OpenLDAP on a Mac OS X Server machine and it seems to be running fine.
> I've got an administrative entry in the LDAP database which netscape *does*
> like, but after completing all the initial steps, the server installs some
> files and then comes back with a "Error accessing LDAP server" message, and I
> have to start all over.