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[HELP?] OpenLDAP and Netscape Calendar Server

Does anyone have experience configuring OpenLDAP to work w/ Netscape Calendar
Server? I'm a bit new at this and am having zero success.  I've managed to
compile OpenLDAP on a Mac OS X Server machine and it seems to be running fine.
I've got an administrative entry in the LDAP database which netscape *does*
like, but after completing all the initial steps, the server installs some
files and then comes back with a "Error accessing LDAP server" message, and I
have to start all over.

The two servers are definitely talking, so I'm at least on the right track...
it's just a matter of finding out what NS Calendar is expecting to be able to
do w/ the LDAP server.

Thanks for any insight!

Email appreciated,

John Ray
System Dev/Eng, OSUE