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Re: Q: slurpd replication

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999 18:13:05 +0000, David Reitz wrote:

>i have three LDAP servers set up.  in order to do replication, do i need
>to only have slurpd and slapd running on the master, with slapd only
>running on the slaves?  if so, i am not able to get replication to work
>from slaves back to the masters, however, replication works fine from
>the master to the slaves.  (i must be missing some configuration
>issue... but what is it???)

    I have just been doing this myself.
    Only the master needs to have slurpd running. All LDAP servers must
have slapd.
    The key part for the client software is to have "chase referrals"
enabled. When a change is sent to a slave, it returns a referral to the
client who then submits the change to the referral, the master in this
case since it is replication.

Jim Moe