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Q: slurpd replication

hello everyone,

i know this question has been posed on this list before, but i have been
unable to find a response in the archives, so i am going to ask it
again, in the hopes that someone can/will help me out with it. 

i have three LDAP servers set up.  in order to do replication, do i need
to only have slurpd and slapd running on the master, with slapd only
running on the slaves?  if so, i am not able to get replication to work
from slaves back to the masters, however, replication works fine from
the master to the slaves.  (i must be missing some configuration
issue... but what is it???)

or do i need to have slapd and slurpd running on all machines to do
replication back and forth?  if so, is there any way that i can get rid
of the error messages that appear in the log?  (i have tried both

if you need any other info, please let me know, i'll get it to you
asap.  i really need to get this working, and i would GREATLY appreciate
any help!

thank you for your help!

David Reitz