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Re: problem retrieving jpegphoto, not base64?

|o|... Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 03:26:44PM +0200, Stig Venaas ...|o| wrote:
|o|-*- Help
|o|-*- We have a jpeg image stored in our OpenLDAP server. I can search
|o|-*- for it and view it just fine using netscape. When I try to use the
|o|-*- ldap-photo.php3 script from php3-tool in contrib and also another
|o|-*- client I get just a few characters, stopping at a 0x0a (LF) and
|o|-*- 0x00 (I've tried several images) in the image. I've confirmed
|o|-*- that the data is not base64 coded in the tcp-packets, shouldn't
|o|-*- it be? Also all the data is evidently sent from the server. I've
|o|-*- also confirmed that the data is stored as base64 in the database.

this is a known problem in LDAP implementation in php3, it reads
the data as a string and stops at the first null char, this is not
an OpenLDAP problem

|o|-*- My thoughts right now are that either:
|o|-*- the data should be transfered as base64 and the server is wrong
|o|-*- or
|o|-*- the clients or the API are bad since they do not handle binary
|o|-*- data from the server
|o|-*- or I've done something wrong.
|o|-*- Any clues on this would be appreciated. Any one else got a photo
|o|-*- stored in an LDAP server I can access? Any one else retrieving
|o|-*- photos successfully using ldap-photo.php3 or some other client
|o|-*- using the OpenLDAP API?
|o|-*- Stig
|o|-*- -- 
|o|-*- Stig Venås
|o|-*- UNINETT

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