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problem retrieving jpegphoto, not base64?


We have a jpeg image stored in our OpenLDAP server. I can search
for it and view it just fine using netscape. When I try to use the
ldap-photo.php3 script from php3-tool in contrib and also another
client I get just a few characters, stopping at a 0x0a (LF) and
0x00 (I've tried several images) in the image. I've confirmed
that the data is not base64 coded in the tcp-packets, shouldn't
it be? Also all the data is evidently sent from the server. I've
also confirmed that the data is stored as base64 in the database.

My thoughts right now are that either:

the data should be transfered as base64 and the server is wrong


the clients or the API are bad since they do not handle binary
data from the server

or I've done something wrong.

Any clues on this would be appreciated. Any one else got a photo
stored in an LDAP server I can access? Any one else retrieving
photos successfully using ldap-photo.php3 or some other client
using the OpenLDAP API?


Stig Venås