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Re: Help with "version not supported"

At 02:48 PM 7/19/99 -0700, Mark Williamson wrote:
>I'm getting a version not supported error:
>listening for connections on 7, activity on: 8r
>before select active_threads 1
>do_bind: version 3 dn (root) method 128
>conn=0 op=0 BIND dn="ROOT" method=128
>unknown version 3
>send_ldap_result 2::version not supported
>can someone help figure this one out?

The client requested LDAPv3 in the bind request.  The server
responded not supported (OpenLDAP 1.x doesn't support LDAPv3).

The client may automatically fallback to LDAPv2 or have a
switch to select LDAPv2.   However, if it's designed to use
only LDAPv3, it will not interoperate with OpenLDAP 1.x.

Note: OpenLDAP is actively developing LDAPv3 support.  Volunteer
developers are encouraged to get involved.  Contact <project@openldap.org>
for additional information.