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Re: Help with "version not supported"

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> The client requested LDAPv3 in the bind request.  The server
> responded not supported (OpenLDAP 1.x doesn't support LDAPv3).

There is another possibility *if* he was using some snapshot from
CVS.  Some clients (e.g. some Communicator versions) do ask the root
DSE to get the supported versions.  At some time in -devel, we
were announcing v3 availability but we would refuse the bind later.
I had to patch a local copy here not to announce v3.  The fix would
be to upgrade to later versions since we now make good on our promise
to accept a v3 bind.

But if Mark is using a development version, this is the wrong list,
though, and openldap-devel should be used instead.