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RE: Netscape's Address Book: can't query multiple entries

I'm sorry if I didn't make my question very clear. I'm very unfamiliar in
this matter.

Here is my myldif file:
dn: o=PT Kiani Kertas, c=ID
o: PT Kiani Kertas
objectclass: Organization

dn: cn=Edi Cahyadi, o=PT Kiani Kertas, c=ID
cn: Edi Cahyadi
sn: Cahyadi
nickname: Edi
title: UNIX System Administrator
mail: ECahyadi@site.kiani.com
telephoneNumber: 2785
l: Mangkajang
objectclass: person

dn: cn=Agus Susanto, o=PT Kiani Kertas, c=ID
cn: Agus Susanto
sn: Susanto
mail: ASusanto@corp.kiani.com
telephoneNumber: 2118
l: Mangkajang
objectclass: person

I create a new directory in Netscape's Address Book. Using "Show name
containing: ", I try to search one more entry, e.g. by inputting "a" in it,
it gives no output. The toolbar says: "No matches found". I expected two
entries found.

Which log did mean? I don't find any related to this error.


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	To:	Edi Cahyadi
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	Subject:	Re: Netscape's Address Book: can't query multiple

	> (I got 2 entries as expected). But can't query from Netscape's
Address Book
	> (Search Root: o=PT Kiani Kertas, c=ID).
	> Am I missing something? Or did I make any mistake in the
	> files? Please help me.

	First, what do you mean can't query in netscape's
	address book?  What are you typing to search for?
	Are you getting errors (and if so what are they)?
	What exactly are you doing/typing and where in
	Netscape's address book that is not working?

	Also, look in the LDAP server logs - see what the
	search filter, errors, etc are when Communicator
	searches vs. ldapsearch. This may shed some light
	on where your problem lies.

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