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using ldapmodify instead of ldif2ldbm

Hello out there,

I'm trying to use ldapmodify instead of ldif2ldbm to build a new
 database. Here's an example of what's in the flat file called

dn: o=coat.com,c=US
o: coat.com
objectclass: organization

changetype: add
add: dn
dn: uid=jsbach,o=coat.com,c=US
userpassword: bwv232
objectclass: person
sn: jsbach
cn: Admin Login
uid: jsbach

changetype: add
add: dn
dn: uid=fbarnes,o=coat.com,c=US
userpassword: {crypt}bfAMkaqxQwUmc
objectclass: person
cn: Floria Barnes
sn: Barnes
uid: fbarnes
mail: Floria.Barnes@coat.com

etc. etc.

At the command line, I type

"ldapmodify -a -f newparsed.ldif -D "uid=jsbach,o=coat.com,c=US" -w
-p 389

And I get 

LDAP Server is V2: execute command with LDAP V2...
add o:
add objectclass:
adding new entry o=coat.com,c=US
ldap_add_s: Already exists

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you,