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Re: openldap config for netscape certificates?

At 09:41 AM 7/6/99 -0700, John Kristian wrote:
>Try adding the ;binary option to the userCertificate or userSMIMECertificate attribute
>description.  For example (in LDIF):
>     userCertificate;binary:: MIIC2TCCAkKgA...
>It's probably necessary to configure the attribute, including the option, in the
>OpenLDAP server's schema definition (in slapd.conf, or one of the files it includes).

Yes, OpenLDAP 1.2 doesn't understand attribute options.
"userCertificate;binary" would have to be added a separate
attribute from "userCertificate" and would have to be fetched
as "userCertificate;binary".  The syntax should be binary.

>Some relevant standards are RFC 2251 and RFC 2256.

Clarification: RFC2251 and RFC2256 are not standards.  They
are standard track documents incompassing part of a proposed
standard for LDAPv3.

OpenLDAP 1.2 implements LDAPv2+ which is described, in part,
by RFC 1777.