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Re: Release 1.2.3 on HPUX 10.20?

Thanks Cormac,

Ok I added LIBS="-ldce" and that certainly got me over the checking for
pthread_detach problem.
Appreciate that tip, am very close now.. 

But then configure failed with the following error:

checking for pthread.h... yes
checking for sched.h... yes
checking POSIX thread version... draft4
checking for LinuxThreads... no
checking for pthread_create... yes
checking for sched_yield... yes
checking for pthread_yield... yes
checking for pthread_kill... no
checking for pthread_detach with <pthread.h>... yes "thanks"
checking for pthread_setconcurrency... no
checking for pthread_getconcurrency... no
checking for thr_setconcurrency... no
checking for thr_getconcurrency... no
checking if pthread_create() works... no
configure: error: pthread.h and pthread_create are not compatible

>From config.log:

configure:4856: checking if pthread_create() works
configure:4888: gcc -o conftest -g -O2   conftest.c  -lV3 -ldce 1>&5
configure: In function `main':
configure:4883: incompatible type for argument 2 of `pthread_create'

Fails at this point in conftest.c

     exit(pthread_create(&t, NULL, task, NULL));

So I tried several of the tips from the Solaris platform hints as this
seems to be a similar error, but none of these worked for me.

So I tried:

ol_cv_pthread_create_works=yes ./configure

That enabled me get a clean compile and pass tests 1 to 6 but failed test
7 being replication, with the following error:

Comparing retrieved entries from master and slave...
./test-db/ldapsearch.flt ./test-db/ldif.flt differ: char 1, line 1
test failed - master and slave databases differ
>>>>> ./scripts/test007-replication failed (exit 1)

Looking at the logs,
slave.out shows: 
ldap_search: No such object

slurp.log shows:
No status file found, defaulting values
begin replication thread for localhost:9010

So it looks like I am cheating by using ol_cv_pthread_create_works=yes

My question is what am I doing wrong now, how do I get over the "pthread.h
and pthread_create are not compatible" error.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Matthew Byrne,.

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Cormac Ryan wrote:

> Matthew,
> HP-UX 10.20 should come shipped with HP DCE/9000 Version 1.5, which
> contains the thread library
> that I linked against. You will need to include the pthread.h file from
> /opt/dce/include and -ldce thread
> library from the /opt/dce/lib. The functions you are having problems
> finding are located in this library.
> Regards,
> Cormac.
> Matthew Byrne wrote:
> > Hi folks,I am trying to build OpenLDAP-Release 1.2.3 on HPUX 10.20,
> > hardware platform HP 9000/s800 G30 serieswith all recommended OS
> > patches including Y2K kit installed.I can successfully build and run
> > OpenLDAP 1.2.3 on HPUX 11 by applying the pthread_detach patch that I
> > found on this mail archive to configure .But my problem is we need to
> > run 7 LDAP servers spread across 4 countries and our mail backbone is
> > built on HPUX 10.20. If necessary we will upgrade our servers to HPUX
> > 11 but this will delay the project and be logistically quite difficult
> > as some of the servers are located in "very" remote locations.I need
> > slurpd replication (with the multi-master patch) therefore threads
> > support, have tried both the native HP DCE threads draft4 and
> > PMPthreads 1.8.9Using native DCE threads draft4 the configure fails in
> > similar ways to HPUX 11checking for pthread_join in -lpthreads... no
> > checking for pthread_create() in HP-UX -lpthread... yes
> > checking for sched_yield... no
> > checking for pthread_yield... no
> > checking for sched_yield in -lrt... no
> > checking for thr_yield... no
> > configure: warning: could not locate sched_yield() or pthread_yield()
> > checking for pthread_kill... no
> > checking for pthread_detach with <pthread.h>... no
> > configure: error: could not locate pthread_detach()
> > #I have tried my best to get past this step in configure but to no
> > avail. Sure I can get it past here but only to fail a few lines down
> > with Solaris looking errors like pthread.h and pthread_create are not
> > compatible.So then I turned to PMPthreads 1.8.9Using PMPthreads I can
> > get a clean compile but slapd hangs. Running make test hangs on the
> > second test at this point: >>>>> Test succeeded>>>>>
> > ./scripts/test001-ldif2ldbm completed OK.>>>>> waiting 5 seconds
> > for things to exit>>>>> Starting test002-populate ...Cleaning up in
> > ./test-db...Starting slapd on TCP/IP port 9009...Using ldapsearch to
> > check that slapd is running...And there it stays. ps -ef | grep slapd
> > shows that slapd is spinning up the cpu cycles at a rate of 1:1 and at
> > the top of top pts/4 21258 root     212 20  1312K   652K run     12:38
> > 89.91 89.75 slapdInterestingly enough if I run each test manually
> > killing (-9) the slapd demon between each test then all tests complete
> > successfully but in real life slapd keeps hanging and spinning.Some
> > background is required here, using PMP threads the configure was
> > hanging at the "checking if select yields using threads" point and I
> > found removing the V3 lib was the answer. If the V3 lib is included
> > then the select yield test would hang, without the V3 lib the test
> > passes. At the time I thought removing the V3 lib would not have any
> > detrimental effect on OpenLDAP as I thought the sig handling had been
> > moved from V3 to libc on HPUX. In fact on HPUX 11 and Freebsd the V3
> > lib is linked to libempty, which I also tried doing on
> > 10.20.Considering the problems I have with slapd hanging between the
> > tests and the fact that each test passes if I kill -9 the demon first,
> > I now suspect I the V3 lib is needed. But if this is the case how do I
> > get past the "checking if select yields" test in configure. I tried
> > passing --without-yielding-select, that got me past the check but the
> > resultant slapd was totally unusable, could not startup and bind to
> > the socket.Since this point I have tried using every combination I can
> > think of being different ldbm back ends, gcc, cc, different physical
> > machines, different build environments, different versions of
> > OpenLDAP, but at the end of the day the I can't find a working
> > combination on our HPUX 10.20 machinesSo my question to those of you
> > out there that have built OpenLDAP on HPUX 10.20 is how did you do
> > it?What threads package did you use, which compiler, which back-end,
> > what environment, which version of OpenLDAP, what tricks where
> > involved other than those in the FAQ, etc?I guess also, has anyone
> > built OpenLDAP on HPUX 10.20 after applying theY2K patches as I
> > suspect that these patches may have introduced the problem?All
> > suggestions and recommendations welcome, please.To be honest at this
> > point I have lost my direction, I am not sure what to try next, some
> > pointers in which build environment I should concentrate on would also
> > be appreciated.Thanks and regardsMatthew Byrne.,
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