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Re: Openldap crashing

First, make sure your running the OpenLDAP 1.2.2 or later.
As of this version, the server uses TCP keepalives to weed out
dead clients.

However, you could be sufferring from brain damaged Microsoft
clients that don't close streams switching from LDAPv3 to
LDAPv2.  Microsoft has a fix for this... 

On the OpenLDAP side, there are a couple of things you can
do.  One, make sure slapd have a large number of file descriptors
available to it.  Two, you can experiment server side timeouts:

Disclaimer: this patch has not yet been fully tested.

At 05:14 PM 6/18/99 +1200, monkey man wrote:
>We're having a problem with OpenLdap where, after 2 days of running,
>LDAP hasn't properly disposed of or closed all the files it has open
>(file descriptors?) and then stops working, giving the message:
>Jun 18 04:41:09 www slapd[15405]: warning: cannot open /etc/hosts.deny:
>Too many open files
>Any idea how to fix this or what the problem is?  We've just moved to LDAP 
>and it's rapidly becoming mission critical, so we'd rather fix the problem
>than just restart the server nightly or something.
>	Mark