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Re: client tools not working?

At 12:39 PM 6/9/99 -0400, shltch@osfmail.isc.rit.edu wrote:
>Before I dive deeper into the code of the tools and libraries, is there
>anything that I'm missing that I should be doing?

You are likely chasing a referral unexpectantly...

Try (on box running slapd)
  ldapsearch -h localhost:389 -b 'SUFFIX' 'objectclass=*' objectclass

where SUFFIX is replaced with your whatever you used in your
slapd database suffix.

Once this is working you may want to setup client defaults (ldap.conf(5).)

>I can also telnet to my
>ldap server on port 389, so I am positive it is sitting there waiting for
>connections.  Also, I have the server on full debug, so I would see if a
>client is trying to connect (I do when I telnet in or use Netscape) and I
>don't see any attempts being made by the clients.
>Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!