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client tools not working?


I am trying to get the client tools to communicate with my OpenLDAP server
1.2.3.  The server is running, and configured, because I can connect and
perform queries via Netscape Communicator.  When I try to run tools like
ldapadd or ldapsearch, it replies with the error: ldap_bind: Can't contact
LDAP server.  The server is running on my localhost, and I have provided
those parameters to the tools via the commandline.  I have also added
debug printfs to ldapmodify.c to make sure it is trying to connect to the
correct server and port, and it is.  The problem seems to be somewhere in
the chain of ldap_simple_bind_s, ldap_simple_bind,
ldap_send_initial_request, etc.

Before I dive deeper into the code of the tools and libraries, is there
anything that I'm missing that I should be doing?  I can also telnet to my
ldap server on port 389, so I am positive it is sitting there waiting for
connections.  Also, I have the server on full debug, so I would see if a
client is trying to connect (I do when I telnet in or use Netscape) and I
don't see any attempts being made by the clients.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!