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RE: OpenLDAP and Microsoft

Once I reconfigured to use a proper base DN (e.g. "o=Pinnacle") and the
Outlook clients started to search properly. Do you happen to know how to do
a wildcard ("*") search using Outlook? I tried using just a *, but it fails
saying nothing matched the criteria. I tried a couple of other regex style
wildcards, but didn't have much success. Any ideas? Of course it works in
Netscape just fine.

thanks for your help,

Pinnacle Studios

"WARNING: Fatal User Error"

> From: Colin Stefani <cstefani@pinnaclestudios.com>
> >One thing about this, is that I set up the directory so that the Netscape
> >clients don't need to specify a base DN to start searching from (this is
> >also reflected in my slapd.conf file with basedn set to ""). The
> reason is
> >to simplify troubleshooting and initial set-up (I am aware that it's
> >non-standard). Could the lack of a base be messing up the Micro$oft
> >searches?

> After you create the connection, select it from the list of
> directories, hit
> 'properties', and select the 'Advanced' tab.  Set your search base in the
> box provided.