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Re: OpenLDAP and Microsoft

From: Colin Stefani <cstefani@pinnaclestudios.com>
>One thing about this, is that I set up the directory so that the Netscape
>clients don't need to specify a base DN to start searching from (this is
>also reflected in my slapd.conf file with basedn set to ""). The reason is
>to simplify troubleshooting and initial set-up (I am aware that it's
>non-standard). Could the lack of a base be messing up the Micro$oft

Bigtime.  One cutesy issue wrt setting up OE is that the Directory server
config wizard never lets you set the search base... only asks for for a
server name, optional credentials and a name to call the connection.  Not
enough info.

After you create the connection, select it from the list of directories, hit
'properties', and select the 'Advanced' tab.  Set your search base in the
box provided.

Why something so basic is under the 'Advanced' tab is only understood by the
guy who wrote that part of OE.  As is why it was left out of the connection
setup dialog.  :-/