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OpenLDAP and Microsoft

Seems to me this has been covered, before (if not I'd be surprised), but I
can't find any hard information on it. I am running current version of
OpenLDAP and have successfully set up a searchable directory, where my users
running netscape can use it as an address book. All is well and they are
happily retrieving data. But anyone using Outlook or Outlook express can't
search the directory. Does anyone have any ideas what's happening? The error
I get back in Outlook when I do a find people is: "There are no entries in
the directory that match your query".

One thing about this, is that I set up the directory so that the Netscape
clients don't need to specify a base DN to start searching from (this is
also reflected in my slapd.conf file with basedn set to ""). The reason is
to simplify troubleshooting and initial set-up (I am aware that it's
non-standard). Could the lack of a base be messing up the Micro$oft

I have run the server in debug mode, but haven't had much luck assessing
anything from it. My directory is really simple and with only about 50
entries. I'm a little stumped and would love to sort this out. Any advice is
appreciated. I can email my config files and ldif file to anyone interested
in helping me troubleshoot this.

Colin Stefani
Pinnacle Studios

"WARNING: Fatal User Error"