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problem with latest stable

seemed like a real  basic thing and,  as usual, disclaimers about brain fade

In testing out  the latest LDAP  stable I was trying  to delete entries from
the database.  If I start up slapdand the first thing I  do is delete, I get
an error  about "operations error".   They seem to remember  something about
this by don't have access to the archives right now. 

If I try to delete again, slapd dies with a segmentation fault:

do_delete: dn (cn=TestUser3,o=Customers,o=Apple,o=Resellers,o=toplevel)
<= dn2id 110014 (in cache)
=> id2entry( 110014 )
<= id2entry 0x806ad88 (cache)
=> has_children( 110014 )
=> ldbm_cache_open( "/var/lib/ldap/id2children.gdbm", 2, 600 )
<= ldbm_cache_open (cache 2)
<= has_children 0

=> access_allowed: entry (cn=TestUser3,o=Customers,o=Apple,o=Resellers,o=toplevel) attr (entry)

=> acl_get: entry (cn=TestUser3,o=Customers,o=Apple,o=Resellers,o=toplevel) attr (entry)
<= acl_get: no acl applicable to database root

=> acl_access_allowed: write access to entry "cn=TestUser3,o=Customers,o=Apple,o=Resellers,o=toplevel"

=> acl_access_allowed: write access to value "any" by "cn=root,o=toplevel"
<= acl_access_allowed: granted to database root

=> access_allowed: exit (cn=TestUser3,o=Customers,o=Apple,o=Resellers,o=toplevel) attr (entry)
<= dn2id 4 (in cache)
=> id2entry( 4 )
<= id2entry 0x80780c0 (cache)
=> id2children_remove( 4, 110014 )
=> ldbm_cache_open( "/var/lib/ldap/id2children.gdbm", 2, 600 )
<= ldbm_cache_open (cache 2)
Segmentation fault
[root@ldap /root]# 

this also happens if I try to delete after an add.  does this sound familiar
to anyone?   I suspect that  tripping  over something that's  a  result of a
misuse of  ldapdelete given  my current level   of knowledge.  As usual  any
clues or  corrections are welcome.   Also,  if  there's an interest,  I  can
generate a test suite to replicate this fairly easily.

Running on red  hat 5.1  Intel.  Latest stable  open LDAP  built using stock
Linux configuration.

--- eric