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New stable snapshot available

A new OpenLDAP-stable snapshot (981207) is available

Changes from the previous snapshot (981105*) are:

Changes included in OpenLDAP Stable
    Added build/mkdep $CC support
    Fixed DCE Threading issues
    Fixed ldif2index atol bug
    Fixed mail500 bouncefrom bug
    Fixed slapd/SCO f_next bug
    Fixed slapd/attr debug print bug
    Fixed slapd/ldbm id removal from parent's list of children
    Fixed slapd lock release bugs
    Fixed slapd/shell modify missing newline bug
    Fixed slapd.h SCO f_next bug
    Fixed slurpd lock release bugs
    Fixed slurpd string translation bug

*  981105 was recently released as OpenLDAP 1.0.3.