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Re: LDAP and Email clients.


Ray Racine wrote:
> 6. If it's a data structure layout that Netscape understands (the
> equivalent slapd-oc-conf file) than where does one find it?

I not sure about the errors you're getting but I thought this may be of
interest to you..

I had made a couple different object classes for people, and also used one
from the slapd.oc.conf file and noticed the Address Book in Netscape
Communicator used this match up:

- For Netscape Address book:
  LDAP in conf file   Netscape Header
  ----------------   ----------------
   cn                 Name
   l                  City
   mail               Email
   nickname           Nickname
   telephonenumber    Phone Number
   o                  Organization

The organization seemed to be taken from the DN, which I had a DN that had a
cn, o, and c in it.

The when I double-clicked a record it opened a Navigator window with the
values of the other fields for that person.

I hope I used the terminology correctly, I'm new to LDAP too. Hope this helps.

-Bob Burton

Robert Burton                    Literati Information Technology, LLC
rburton@literati.com                          http://www.literati.com