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LDAP and Email clients.

To those with answers:

To use ldap to maintain an office wide email/address book with Netscape
email clients.

1.  I am a complete newbie regarding LDAP.
This afternoon downloaded openldap-stable and compiled it on a Linux RH
5.1 2.0.34
Compiled and installed just fine.  Using Berkeley db tree.  Test scripts
run just fine.
Nice job on the install routine.

2. sldapd fires up just fine.  Loaded it with the test data supplied.

3. When I configure the Netscape (4.5) email client address book to
point to sldap as LDAP server it connects but I get unknown class errors
from sldap.  It binds and unbinds just fine.

4.  I did see where the database structure is defined for the test
scripts and I saw some access declarations in a config file also.  I
suspect two things.  Security access problems (based on the assumption
that data format dn, cn, c, ou ... stuff is standardized OR I need to
define a class object that is assumed by the Netscape email.

5.  If it is security.  We are a small office environment (but will
contain a few hundred entries) so I would leave it open.

6. If it's a data structure layout that Netscape understands (the
equivalent slapd-oc-conf file) than where does one find it?

Can anyone point the way??


Ray Racine