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Re: MDB name

Michael Ströder wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
What's in a name... Apparently "MDB" is already a well-known suffix for
Microsoft Access database files. "mdb" is also the name of a debugger tool in
Solaris. To avoid confusion with those unrelated items, it might be a good
idea to rename our MDB to something else. Now, before the next OpenLDAP
release is published. Comments?

Is that really an issue given the common practice to refer to it as back-mdb?

I'm pretty sure on will find a lot of name clashes when sticking to three
letter acronyms ending with "db" anyway.

But if you really see a need for changing the name how about simply back-mmapdb?

I'm not sure that we need to change the name; I was asking the question.

back-whatever is of course unambiguous, in OpenLDAP. "MDB" itself will be used in other contexts.

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