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Re: What to do with test058?

Ralf Haferkamp wrote:

I wonder how we should go forward with test058-syncrepl-asymmetric. If I
understand the test (and the comments in syncrepl.c) correctly the setup
it is testing is unsupported in slapd, am I right? (Which is the reason
why test failures are ignored currently, I guess)

On the provider the syncprov overlay is setup for the glued database and
the consumer's syncrepl clients (also glued) are configured on the
individual child databases. Additionally the consumers have configure the
the syncprov overlay also of the topmost database. AFAICS all of the
failures that test058 reports are related to this unsupported config.

Is anybody planning to work on adding support for such a setup. Or should
we just rework the test to a supported scenario (or even remove it

No plans, but it's probably worth thinking about supporting it. (Patches welcome.) Gluing different types of contexts together seems to be a pretty important capability anyway, and in general our support for multiple contexts is weak. (E.g., ITS#6942.)

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