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Re: back-config delete support (syncprov overlay)

> Am Freitag 26 Februar 2010 13:30:55 schrieb masarati@aero.polimi.it:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > while taking up some loose ends on my work on delete support for
>> > back- config (enabled with -DSLAP_CONFIG_DELETE) I wondered how we
>> > should deal with the deletion of the syncprov overlay when there
>> > are active refreshAndPersist sessions. What errorcode should we
>> > sent when closing such a connection? To me LDAP_UNAVAILABLE sound
>> > like the best choice. LDAP_UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM might also be ok.
>> What about an unsolicited notification (RFC 4511, 4.4)?
> Hm, yes. A "Notice of Disconneciton" might work as well. But that would
> result in the client connection been taken down, which is probably not
> desired. For syncrepl connections from slapd-consumers this might be ok.
> But other LDAPSync clients might have other operations active on the same
> connection which wouldn't be affected by the removal of the syncprov
> overlay, I guess.
> Returning an error just for the LDAPSync related Search seemed more
> logical to me.

In any case, (ab)using an existing error code might not be optimal.  as a
consequence of removing slapo-syncprov(5), any consumer using it needs to
be clearly informed that just retrying later is probably not an option. 
On the contrary, returning a dedicated error would allow to exactly inform
the consumer about what it can expect from the (former) producer, and
possibly to suggest a strategy (e.g. the message could contain a hint
about some substitute producer, or so).