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Re: Build farm central node

Gavin Henry wrote:
Hi all,

I now have admin privs on the projects build box, so what do we need in a build farm?

I like the Samba model with the drop down to view things:


And I like that users can add their arch too:


Code is at:


I'm happy to get everything setup but I need to know what we want. My
thoughts were to have lots of VMs on the big build box we've got, bring the
VMs up and down when needed and compile HEAD, RE24 periodically, but that
smoke testing would just make noise.

We'll need a frontend to browse results anyway and maybe an admin panel to
issue builds or just some admin commandline tools for pre-release testing.
E-mails could go to a new openldap-builds@openldap.org list or similar. We'll
also need a tool for users to register their system/host with the build master
to collect results and show them. And we'll need some set of standard build
options to be uniform across platforms?

These frontends aren't already part of the samba build farm package?

I think a first pass would be to get all the infrasructure up with a single VM as a target. And I think adding non-Linux VMs is an obvious next step - FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, etc.

If QEMU was further along I'd investigate that route too for non-x86 testing but unfortunately it seems to be fairly limited in that respect. (E.g., QEMU Sparc emulation still can't boot Solaris.)

Lastly, there is also:


It may be worth asking. I personally don't have access to any Alpha or MIPS systems any more, but can generally get to the others when needed. Running "make test" on my G1 phone is entertaining...

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