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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd config.c

Howard Chu writes:
>Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Yepp. The parameter's prefix should be prepended with a separator
>> (either by hyphen or underscore). Otherwise one has to maintain a
>> prefix code.
> True for now, but I expect this sort of consideration to be less
> important going forward, as we emphasize cn=config and deprecate
> slapd.conf.

The same goes for all of this discussion.  The cn=config attribute
names use neither '-' nor '_'.

In any case, deprecating slapd.conf looks to be years in the future to
me.  It's much easier to read and write (correctly:-) than cn=config,
and so are things like replacing an included schema version.  Though
you could take slapd.conf support out of slapd right now and instead
make a separate slapconf tool which translates it to cn=config.